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Bach Flower Essence Agrimony, 20mL

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For relief of naturally occurring simple nervous tension. Agrimony Flower Essence helps to communicate openly.

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20 mL

Product Description

People who need Agrimony often appear carefree and humorous, but their jo ie de vivre is a mask for anxieties, worries and even real inner torment, which they may be trying to conceal from themselves as well as others. If in pain or discomfort, they are likely to joke about it, unwilling to express their real fears. They dislike being alone and are very sociable, seeking company as a distraction. They try to ignore the darker side of life, and prefer to make light of things rather than enter into a confrontation. They may also suffer from restlessness at night, with churning thoughts. 

Agrimony people may suppress their discomfort with the aid of heavy drinking, or the use of drugs or comfot eating. 

The positive potential of Agrimony is for those who are genuinely cheerful and good company, communicate their real feelings openly and can accept that life has its less pleasant side. Their cheerfulness stems from a real sense of self-acceptance and inner joy; they see problems in perspective and are diplomatic peacemakers. 

How To Use

Take 2 drops in mouth or in water, sip at intervals. Repeat as needed.

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