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Bach Flower Essence Holly, 20mL

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For relief of naturally occurring simple nervous tension. Bach Flower Essence Holly encourages a more generous nature when you feel jealous, envious, vengeful or suspicious.

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20 mL

Product Description

Holly is for people who can be bad-tempered, hard-hearted, and even cruel and on occasions violent. Inside, they are suffering - often for no good cause. They find it difficult to open their hearts to love.

The negative Holly state is full of hatred, envy, and jealousy. Suffering, perhaps unconsciously from insecurity, Holly people are suspicious and aggressive. They lack the ability to love and feel a generalized anger towards their fellows.

Holly is a good essence for children who are jealous of their siblings.

The positive potential of Holly is a generous-hearted person, able to give without making demands for any return. Such people are compassionate, loving and loveable, willing to share and unpossessive, even when having personal problems themselves. Upheld by a sense of inner harmony, they take genuine pleasure in other people's success. Dr. Bach wrote: 'Holly protects us from everything that is not universal Love. Holly opens the heart and unites us with Divine Love.'

How To Use

Take 2 drops in mouth or water, sip at intervals. Repeat as needed.

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