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Bach Flower Essence White Chestnut, 20mL

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For relief of naturally occurring simple nervous tension. Bach Flower Essence White Chestnut encourages a peaceful and calm mind when thoughts and worries go round and round in your head.

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20 mL

Product Description

White Chestnut is indicated for obsessive, worrying thoughts that seem impossible to control. Sufferers cannot let go of unhappy events or arguments and keep reliving them mentally. 

Persistent, unwanted thoughts and mental arguments go round and round like a stuck record, leading to a troubled mind. It is difficult to concentrate during the day, or to sleep at night. The sufferer may therefore appear inattentive and may not answer when spoken to.

The positive potential of White Chestnut is peace of mind. The head is clear; thinking is under control and can be put to positive use in problem solving. Worry is replaced by trust in a positive outcome.

How To Use

Take 2 drops in mouth or in water, sip at intervals. Repeat as needed.

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