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Digestive Enzymes, 100 Capsules

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Pancreatin quadruple strength

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100 Capsules

Product Description

Regalabs Digestive Enzymes is a quadruple-strength digetive enzyme formula of 650mg featuring pancreatin.

Pancreatin is a combination of enzymes, naturally produced by the pancreas that supports the breakdown of protein, carbs and fat in the diet.

Pancreatin contains:

Protease-helps break down protein

Amylase-breaks down carbohydrates

Lipase-breaks down fat

Health benefits of Pancreatin:

-Improves the absorption of nutrients

-Lessens intestinal gas (flatulence)

-Helps people who are unable to digest food properly due to cystic fibrosis, pancreas removal or pancreatitis

-Helps support the immune system-pancreatin can digest a coating that protects viruses

-Supports heart health-Homocysteine may play a part in the accumulation of plaque. Pancreatin may convert homocysteine to cystathionine which is harmless.

How To Use

Take 1-2 capsules up to 3 times daily with food or as directed by a healthcare professional. For best results, take 1-2 capsules with each meal. Do not exceed 6 capsules daily.

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