Ear Cones-Paraffin Wax, 4 Pack - Ear Cones

Ear Cones-Paraffin Wax, 4 Pack

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Handmade Paraffin Wax Ear Cones

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4 Ear Cones

Product Description

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How To Use

Cut a small hole in the center of the plate so that the candle can fit snugly into it. Insert candle with smaller end pointing down. The person being candled should lie on his/her side with pillow under neck and head. The pillow should hold the head, neck and back all in a straight line. The candle should be perpendicular with the ear. Light the larger end of the candle. Insert pointed end into ear opening. Make sure there is a tight seal at the opening. You can do this using your fingers. The person being candled should hear crackling sounds at all times. If crackling sound ceases, move the candle around for a better seal, or the candle may be clogged. If clogged, remove the candle and insert toothpick into opening to clear clog. You may then resume candling. As candle burns it will curl and must be cut off. Place burned ends into the bowl of water. Once the candle burns down to within 2 to 3 inches or the smaller end, the candle should be removed. Place burning end into bowl of water. Remove plate from candle. Wipe off any residue from the ear. Cut open candle and examine it. Lighter residue is from the candle, darker residue is believed to be from the ear.

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