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CBD Gummies 25mg Full Spectrum, 5 Gummies

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Regalabs CBD Gummies are 25mg Full Spectrum.

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5 Gummies

Product Description

For those of us dealing with the problems of life, CBD edibles may hold the key to an overall improved quality of life.

The CBD Oil used to produce Regalabs CBD Gummies is extracted from carefully selected types of cannabis, with low THC and a high concentration of cannabidiol. Regalabs CBD Gummies do not place emphasis on the psychoactive effects of the plant, but rather the curative properties of cannabis.

Our CBD Gummies are a perfectly safe and harmless compound which may alleviate various physical and psychological symptoms without giving you a 'high'.

Benefits May Include:

-Less anxiety

-Better sleep

-Help with depression

-Relief from pain associated with chronic conditions, such as arthritis

-Lower risk of side effects compared to other drugs (cannabinoid receptors in the brain do not act the same way as many other drug receptors)

Note: It is wise to speak to a doctor about using CBD products, as they can interact with some over-the-counter aids and supplements.

How To Use

Take 1 gummy daily as needed.

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