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Black Cannabis Oil, 2oz

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Regalabs' Cannabis Oil with Black Cumin Seed Oil!

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Product Description

Regalabs introduces a unique formulation of our Organic Cannabis Oil combined with our Organic Black Cumin Seed Oil. This formula is available in multiple strengths. Our present formula is a 50/50 blend. Providing the benefits of both oils as well as a more extensive terpene profile.

What the studies indicate:

Why the combination...

CBD and Black Cumin Seed Oil reacts on different levels within the body. By combining the two products, ailments such as inflammation are addressed on a dual level.

Black Cumin Seed Oil works as an enzyme inhibitor...its anti-inflammatory properties are powerful and effective. 

CBD Oil works through the body's endocannabinoid system by maintaining homeostasis helping to reduce the effects of outside stressors.

Sourcing Ingredients:

We pride ourselves in sourcing the finest and highest quality organic ingredients. Our Black Cumin Seed Oil is sourced from the middle east. It is certified organic at origin point as well as port of entry to the Untied States.

Our organic hemp seed oil (a full spectrum product) is sourced from Canada, and is certified organic.

We then send samples to the foremost independent lab, where we have it tested for CBD, terpenes and pesticides.

How To Use

As a dietary supplement, start by orally ingesting 3 drops underneath tongue per day for the first week. After a week, increase dosage to 9 drops underneath tongue per day, as needed. For topical use, apply 3 drops to affected area and rub in thoroughly.

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