Sovereign Silver Pets 16oz - Minerals

Sovereign Silver Pets 16oz

Categories:  Minerals
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Immune Support for Pets

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16 OZ

Product Description

A detailed description will be coming soon!

How To Use

For best results, administer directly into your pet's mouth. May also be used topically on the affected areas. 3.5-7lbs-1 dropperful, 7.5-10.5lbs-2 droppersful, 11-14.5lbs-3 droppersful, 15-18.5lbs-4 droppersful, 19-22.5lbs-5 droppersful, 23-44lbs-6 droppersful, 45-66.5lbs-12 droppersful, 67-89lbs-18 droppersful, 90+lbs-24 droppersful.

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