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PURE MSM 1000mg 240cps by Trimedica

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Product Description

Why Is PureMSM Better? Most forms of MSM, including those imported from China, are synthetic and are derived from a fossil fuel source. On the other hand, TriMedica® PureMSM is an all-natural source of MSM derived only from pine trees. TriMedica® PureMSM contains no addition or dilution with fossil fuel derived material. So don’t be fooled by cheap MSM brands that seem like a good buy, but in reality may contain fossil fuel additives or heavy metals (including lead!). With TriMedica® PureMSM, you get the purity guarantee of 99.9% ultra pure, all-natural, food grade MSM that gives you all the fabulous health benefits of MSM without the additives or heavy metals!

How To Use

Detailed how-to-use instructions will be coming soon!

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