Private Labeling

Success in the supplement industry can be hard without the right mix of products and catchy branding. With Regalabs private label and branding services, you can provide customers with a wide variety of products to improve your sales. Private labeling is the quickest way to get new products to the market as a supplement retailer. Regalabs allows clients the ability to private label bread-and-butter supplements to correlate with their existing branding. This, in turn, can provide business owners with a wide variety of benefits.


Expand Product Lines:

One of the obvious benefits of private labeling supplements is the immediate increase in available products. By offering variety businesses are able to create new bundles or deliver add-on products not previously available. WIth an expanded product line, companies will also gain more credibility in the eyes of a consumer.

Improve Sales:

By offering a wide variety of products, supplement retailers will reap the benefit of improved sales. For example, if a customer wants two different kinds of supplements but you only offer one, they will take one of two routes. The first, the customer will move on to another retailer that offers both supplements they need or second, the customer will be less likely to buy either, because they are forced to purchase from different places. Having variety will help boost your sales and strengthen your brand.

Brand Exposure:

By allowing supplement retailers to brand their private labeled purchases, Regalabs can help promote exposure for your brand. With most private label supplement manufacturers, you aren't allowed to have full control over your branding. Regalabs understands the importance of branding in your marketing strategy and allows you to retain the image you have already built.

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